Hello, I am Parag Chandiwal!
Hello, I am learning a new programming paradigm, a new way of communicating my wishes to the computer.
It's exciting because it allows me to automate the ineffable.

My Journey

While working on a project for Hinsdale Psychiatry, I noticed how "Patient Healthcare Questionnaire" was used by practitioners to diagnose the likelihood of common mental disorders. To put it lightly, I was mind blown and had to find out more. This discovery came at the tipping point for me because at the time I was in my Bachelor's final year. This realization also made me open new challenges and pivoting career-wise. Data Science seemed to fit right into that.

I am comfortable in Object Oriented Programming, SQL, Python, Jenkins, Docker, MVC Architecture i
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Masters - ITM Data Management (Aug 2018)

I went to the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. My graduate school study centered around the areas of OOP, Advance data analytics & warehousing, automation and backend engineering. It was the two years I spent at Illinois Tech that instilled in me an appreciation for the process of hypothesis formulation, study design, statistical programming, data collection and EDA.

Bachelors - Information Technology (May 2015)

I was admitted to Mumbai University and my graduation thesis centered around the implementation of "Computer-Assisted Career Guidance System (CAGs)" for K-12 students.

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It's all about Pinch.
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Illinois Tech

Data Analyst: April 2017 – June 2018

- Developed analytical models and comprehensive reports that enabled management team with the decision making.
- Implemented User-based collaborative filtering to enhance graduate bulletin by reducing bounce rate

Graduate Teachning Assistant: Aug 2017 - May 2018

- TA to Dr. C. Bob Carlson (Dean – IIT’s School of Applied Technology) for ITMT 531 Object Oriented System Analysis, Modeling and Design.



Data Operations Analyst (Current)

- Utilizing medical data feeds to interpret health signals and support downstream processes.
- Creating automation of various control systems and data operations in python to enhance file processing.
- Make some cool data visualizations such as auditing proprietary algorithms, client - program statistics, data quality metrics that drive business decisions

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Aggregate, Interpret



The Oscar Science

Rather than relying on gut instinct, I've used the power of data science to help select the film that is most likely going home with the famous gold statue on March 4th. Methodology -

Through evaluating multiple models, I determined that random forest classification provided the most accurate prediction of previous Oscar winners. When applied to Oscar winners and losers over the past 38 years, this approach made correct predictions in all but 1 year, 2017. AND THE OSCAR GOES TO..THE SHAPE OF WATER

Git Blog Paintings

Beyond wayfinding

I've created two logistic regression models. The first one models the likelihood of an individual having a degree in science based on their demographics. The second one models the likelihood of an individual with a science degree getting a job in a STEM field, based on their demographics.

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Oct 2017
Breaking News: #Justpaintings Finalist in Chicago Innovation Challenge!
Interests When I am not coding I do - Painting
Thank you for visiting my profile

In the future, I will use this website as a nesting ground for web-based computer vision and ML models. Though I don't expect it to be anything more than a portfolio site, I strongly suspect that these skills will be crucial for my technological development in the years to come.
Feel free to connect with me for the DS project or if you are looking for a Hackathon partner.

Millenieum Park

Interview with Parag Chandiwal on Running A Successful Web Business. By 1stWebDesigner

Parag you are web developer and pro-painter how you blend them?
Hey Agota and 1stwebdesigner folks! Thanks for having me. I’m Parag! Developer, designer and occasional purveyor of art. I was painter from school days. As I got older I got more into computers. I think of design as a perfect compromise between art and computer nerdy. Right after I finished my secondary school exams I created blog with blogspot “Justpaintings” that’s how it all started and its been fascinating since then.

Why did you start building things?
Its fun. I got lot of encouragement that’s when I decided to turn my blog into website. I was off my own trying to make thinks that work. I downloaded a simple html template and that was my first interaction with development of website. It did open some doors for me. During my Polytechnic years in Pune I had worked on justpaintings, it was big enough that it had audience beyond my friends and social circle. That’s how I started selling paintings and work as freelance web developer. This kind of work I think is 90% referrals, even famous designers I know will say that.

You built your first product of wordpress theme. Can you tell bit more about it?
SocialcastWP is wordpress theme were we’ve created product for self-hosted wordpress.org installations. Its been incredible ride. When I started over a sustained development period of 2 years I had no idea I would build an entire theme and have 2 partners and developers around it.
Its an incredible wordpress theme because we see wordpress very differently than most. When I started developing wordpress websites I often had problems with flexibility, SEO, page builder some themes had these features but they were too generic. There was nothing unique about them. We are not interested in creating theme line or theme shop, we are interested in one.

How does the process of creating and selling a premium WordPress theme look like (from the initial idea to the first sale)? Maybe you could give us a overview?
Its not too complex to create your own wordpress theme. In fact it is not complex at all if you have background, but challenge is not much in building product, the challenge is to target right audience, the right niche or consumer market. You don’t get a big audience by appealing to everyone. Instead, you pick one area and rock at it. We really see it as product and will always maintain its uniqueness by custom support for each client. That’s the reason our theme is not listed on themeforest.

What’s the story behind schoolup?
Schoolup started as a need when I was program manager at NGO for Western Maharashtra Region. My primary goal there was to inspire and educate student’s to move ahead in their educational lives. I felt need of some tool to help them take right career path. Even my final year engineering project was based around same idea of “Computer assisted career guidance system”. Schoolup helps getting overview of educational system, deliver efficient and economical education, information and advice services within higher education.

What are common mistake people make when trying to develop their own product and some mistakes you have made?
I think dedication is hard to come by. It takes time to build a product and it takes time to gain traction, it takes time to win customers and more importantly it takes time to earn some money. I used to procrastinate and was bad at managing things but gradually you learn.

Any advice?
You’re gonna bump up into some road blocks and some challenges, personally and professionally, just don’t give up.
And kepp building!

Based in Mumbai Parag Chandiwal is developer, designer and Painter. He works as consultant to startups and org on interaction design and tech support. “Schoolup” is product of his own venture – Chandiwal Studio

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